dentist and dental anxiety

How to Cope with Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from loss of sleep or feel ill just thinking about your upcoming dentist appointment? Is your foot tapping nervously as you sit in the waiting room? You are not alone. Dental anxiety or fear prevents as many as 20% of Americans from seeing the dentist regularly.  Being able to identify your biggest fear of the dentist might just help you cope more easily in the future. Here’s a list of common reasons why someone might feel anxious and some solutions to help you cope with dental anxiety: 

Afraid of the Pain? 

This is very subjective, as every person manages pain differently. If this is what you are most worried about, letting the dentist know will help you cope with your dental anxiety. Anesthesia can make common procedures much more comfortable. You can also talk to your dentist ahead of time about what to do if you do begin to feel pain or discomfort during a procedure. Sometimes knowing you have a plan in place helps alleviate fear. If pain is ultimately the biggest fear you have, sedation dentistry is a common solution. You will just need someone to drop you off and pick you up after your appointment.  

Embarrassed About Your Teeth? 

Perhaps you haven’t had a cleaning in many years. Maybe you’re ashamed of the state of your oral health. Just remember that dental professionals have literally seen it all! It won’t bother them, so don’t let it bother you.  

Did You Have a Bad Experience? 

Whether you were over-billed, a hygienist wasn’t thorough, or the dentist was rough and insensitive, a bad dental experience can stay with you for a lifetime. With patience, you can find a compassionate dental team that is the right fit for you, which can make all the difference. 

Dental anxiety is a very real thing. Please, feel free to communicate any anxious feelings you have to us. We’ll be sure to take extra care during your visit to ensure you feel comfortable as we improve your oral health. Don’t let fear get in the way of a beautiful, healthy smile — let us help you overcome your dental anxiety.