Active Driven Terpens
Healthy Teeth Need a Healthy Body
Learn about the potential health benefits of active driven terpenes.
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Healthy Teeth Need a Healthy Body

Active Driven Terpenes | Valparaiso, Indiana

As a family dental practice that focuses on holistic, whole-body wellness as a means to improve dental health, Dr. Cathy Wong and the team at Heritage Lake Dental look forward to providing education for their patients about the potential benefits of natural pain and inflammation remedies, such as active driven terpenes.

What are Active Driven Terpenes?

Marijuana and hemp are derived from the flowering plant Cannabis. However, they have completely different compounds for opposite results. Marijuana contains higher levels of THC and low levels of active-driven terpenes, while hemp contains low levels of THC and higher levels of active-driven terpenes. With more than 0.3% THC, marijuana can induce psychotropic or euphoric effects when smoked or eaten. Unlike THC, terpenes do not have any mind-altering properties and is known for its medical benefits.

As an active phytocannabinoid in hemp, active driven terpenes produce their effects on the body by attaching or influencing our body’s receptors in our endocannabinoid system (ECS), a biological system composed of naturally produced endocannabinoids that bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors. So, while THC attaches to the brain’s CB1 receptors, terpenes influence CB2 receptors, which impact the immune system, inflammation, and pain, to use more of the body’s natural processes.

When receptors interact with a terpene derived compound, as a lock and key, they send molecular messages throughout the cells, tissues, organs, and body. Active driven terpenes “unlock” the receptor by physically interacting with it. Then, changes in cells initiate and possibly opens the door to physical benefits such as pain and inflammation relief. Because the body uses terpenes whether from a plant or naturally in our body, there is lots of potential for use of phytocannabinoids to activate these molecular messengers.

How Can They Help You?

The FDA has recently approved active driven terpenes for use to treat two types of epilepsy. Since its relatively recent discovery, its benefits are still being studied for additional medical treatments. However, people that take the oil have reported relief from pain and inflammation, anxiety disorders, as well as a host of other illnesses, ranging from cancer to diabetes to Alzheimer’s disease.

It is legal in all 50 states, but consumers should take care to ask providers for proof of content analysis, and ensure that the oil that they’re using has none of the mind-altering compound THC, which can counter many of the potentially positive effects.

Dr. Wong and the team at Heritage Lake Dental work only with oil providers that guarantee the purity and content of their oil by providing certificates of analysis from independent third party laboratories. Dive deep into how active driven terpenes can help you here.

Testimonial 1

"I had a sleeping disorder for 9 years and very bad inflammation. Chronic pain. Well, it's almost gone now because of active drive terpenes. What a relief -- Thank you!"
–Ron B.

Testimonial 2

"I’m really excited about my dad’s story with hemp oil. He’s 78, type II diabetes and has been skeptical taking anything except what is prescribed by his MD. About 2 months ago had some very mild memory issues. While waiting for test results, I talked him into active driven terpenes. Immediately, he noticed his pain was tolerable, he was sleeping a lot better, AND most important at this point his memory was clearer and sharper!"

–Dori D.

Testimonial 3

"My nephew, who has Tourette's, has been using active driven terpenes for the last two weeks. He is starting to show improvement as well as improvement in his stuttering."


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