Restore Your Smile
On the same day with CEREC crowns.
On the same day with CEREC crowns.
Restore Your Smile

CEREC Crown | Valparaiso, Indiana

Teeth are important to your speech, smile, and chewing patterns. At Heritage Lake Dental, we found a solution that remedies the long length of time a traditional crown takes, often four to five weeks, from creating the crown to fitting it on the missing or broken tooth. CEREC crowns can restore your tooth in one day.

What to Expect with a CEREC Crown

CEREC crowns or chair side crowns are made out of ceramic through computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer aided design (CAD). First, one of our dentists will prepare your tooth for a special camera, called the intra oral camera. No bigger than the point of a ball pen, the intra oral camera will take several 3D images of your tooth to design a fitted crown for you.

After the pictures are taken, a digital 3D image of your tooth and crown are sculpted from the precise measurements of the intra oral camera. The CEREC crown design is edited considering indentations, ridges and pits to properly fit your tooth. Finally, from a single block of ceramic, the milling machine carves out the final design your dentist created of your crown. Within a few hours, your CEREC crown is made and your dentist will glue it to your tooth, allowing you to walk out on the same day with a normal tooth.

Advantages of a CEREC Crown

A CEREC crown saves time, which can prevent injury and dental decay. A traditional crown takes a few weeks before a crown is made. A dentist will then put an ill-fitted temporary crown to protect your damaged or missing tooth. However, the temporary crown can be easily dislodged, increasing the likelihood of injury and dental decay. With a CEREC crown, your smile can be restored and protected in the same day.

Advantages of a Traditional Crown

Traditional crowns offer many different types such as metal, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns. A CEREC crown is only made from ceramic which may not be preferred for your tooth. Also, the intra oral camera may not be able to capture a precise image below the gumline. So, a fracture below the gumline can be better fitted with a traditional crown. Discussing your options with your dentist will give you the best fit for your smile.

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