What Are You Waiting For?
Your new smile is expecting you.
Your new smile is expecting you.
What Are You Waiting For?

Dentures | Valparaiso, Indiana

As your teeth age, it’s not uncommon to begin to lose some to dental decay or disease. In order to maintain a healthy bite and smile, it’s recommended to have dentures made to replace lost teeth, which help prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place. Denture solutions can range from partials, or bridges, to replace a few teeth that have been lost, to full dentures, which replace all your upper or lower teeth.

To provide the best possible fit, upper dentures generally are made to cover the entire upper palate, or roof of your mouth. Lower dentures are usually horseshoe-shaped, to allow for your tongue to rest at the bottom of your mouth. While conventional ones are usually made of acrylic, the false teeth themselves can be made of porcelain, plastic, or a combination of the two.

What to Expect

In order to get a proper look and fit for your new dentures, you should expect to have several appointments with your dentist; it’s completely normal for the entire process to take several months.


Your dentist will take molds of your natural teeth and gums, which will help them create dentures to fit your mouth comfortably. At this time, your dentist will also analyze your bite to make sure that they correct existing bite issues or maintain a healthy bite. Additionally, you’ll work with your dentist to select colors and sizes for your new teeth that will match with any existing natural teeth.


After molds of your teeth are complete, your dentist will perform extractions to remove any teeth being replaced by dentures. Be sure you follow your dentist’s post-procedure instructions to be as comfortable as possible during the healing process.


After your dentures are made, your dentist will fit them to your mouth, making adjustments as necessary to their shape to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit during wear and meals.


As you spend more time wearing your dentures, you’ll need some adjustments to fine-tune the look and make sure your dentures are as comfortable as possible. Be sure you keep follow-up appointments to make sure your new smile stays in tip-top shape.

Implant Retained Dentures

Some people can find it difficult to eat with or wear a lower denture. For patients that experience this issue, implant retained dentures, in which the denture is affixed to posts or screws implanted in your jaw, can be a solution. There are a number of different implant retained denture choices, and your dentist will work with you to determine the right solution. Depending on the type of appliance, the denture may or may not be removable for cleaning, but periodic appointments are recommended for monitoring and adjustment, so be sure to stay on schedule with follow-up appointments.

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